Do You...

Feel the emotions , illnesses, aches , pain, thoughts and feelings of others?

Have trouble distinguishing if these belong to you or someone else?

Have trouble releasing these?

Sense energy of people, animals, plants, etc?

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for Empaths
& Sensatives

As a therapist and Energy Healer for the past 25 years, I have walked the path of Empath, and have faced many of the same challenges as you . I have worked with many Empaths in my practice, and have developed specific techniques which I have found helpful in managing the unique challenges we face.  My wish for others is that they have a guide to help them negotiate this world as an Empath and healer.  I wish to offer this to you.

The Complementary Therapy I recieved with Tammy has filled the gap that was missing in traditionaol therapy for me.

Patient, Balance Psycholtherapy and Energy Wellness

Coping with my grief has been a challenge. Thank-you Tammy for helping me through this.

Patient, Balance Psycholtherapy and Energy Wellness

After my workshop with Tammy Zumbo, really feel I can balance all the aspects of my busy life!

Betsy, Atendee